Farmingdale Presbyterian Church family is an incredible rural congregation drawing strength from our trust in the Lord. We believe that the grace of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit enable us to place God first in our lives. Our passion to glorify God inspires us to generously share our time, talents, and treasures.

Faithful Partner
Having served our community for over 180 years, our rich history offers a backdrop for our service to the Lord and a future that bestows an avenue for spiritual growth.

We Celebrate
Along with our worship services, we celebrate the Christian year with food and fellowship through rich activities including monthly cookie Sunday, potlucks, children and adult activities and bible study. We have a great location that is easy for you to find.

“Farmingdale has a reputation for good cooking, as
those who attend our Pot Luck Suppers can testify,”
Farmingdale Church Cookbook, 1993.

That reputation is still good today and our kitchen is always full of support and refreshment for our celebrations. We have a very active congregation who likes to eat and have fun! Dedicated educators and youth group leaders enthusiastically guide and nurture our young people to grow in their Christian faith.

The Farmingdale Presbyterian Women’s Association (PWA), originally known as the Women’s Organization, was established in 1886 and has taken an active part in Church and Missions ever since it’s founding. Their sustained activity is the main driver in the generous support generated for Presbyterian Mission Programs, local hunger ministries as well as projects that enhance lives at home and abroad.

As a family in Christ, we actively care for one another
The power of prayer had healed and helped many throughout the years. Our prayer chain is available whenever there is a need. Please contact the Office if you want to update or add to our Joys & Concerns list. Pastoral care for home communion and hospital visitation is available upon request.

Our facilities impart value and the community has partnered with us at various times to host activities such as youth programs, home school classes, and kindergarten screening.