We challenge ourselves to respond personally to God’s love and grace. In response to God’s goodness and generosity, our stewardship includes the sharing of our time, talents and treasures. We believe that God shapes our time by giving us opportunities to fulfill our purpose. Our talents are gifts to be used in His service. We acknowledge that our treasures are only temporarily placed in our hands and that offering our resources fulfills Christ’s mission.

What is Stewardship?
Financial Stewardship is an important component of a balanced spiritual life. Returning to God from that which God has given to us is a tangible way to express our faith.

What is a Stewardship Pledge?
Each year, members of Farmingdale Presbyterian Church are asked to make a stewardship pledge for the upcoming calendar year. A member’s pledge is a one-year financial commitment to support our community ministry. Pledges are an essential part of the planning process and allow Session to draft a proposed budget that is considered and voted upon at an annual Congregational meeting.

What is an Appropriate Pledge Amount?
The amount of each member’s stewardship pledge is a personal, spiritual decision. The biblical concept of tithing (contributing 10% of one’s income to the church and other worthy organizations) is a standard to prayerfully consider. Some members may be able to equal or exceed the tithing level. Other members will pledge at a lower level. All pledge contributions, regardless of the amount, are gratefully received as an expression of a member’s commitment.

Thank you members of Farmingdale Church for your financial commitments. Those commitments combine with the ample sharing of your time and talents so our community building and grounds are well maintained and weekly activities are prepared to uplift the glory of God. We love you.